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About Our Company

It all began with a request to design and build a roll grooving machine. Ken Mitson welcomed this challenge, for he had been designing and manufacturing machines since 1971. After several years of manufacturing private-brand machinery for the fire protection industry, he decided to start a company to sell his roll grooving machines in other markets where a pipe is coupled mechanically.

As the company grew, Mitson began adding other equipment to the line, all related to the business of preparing pipe for installation in commercial and industrial locations. From there, it was an easy step to specialization in all of the kinds of pipe preparation equipment needed by the fire protection contractor.

Today PACE MACHINERY is one of the country's largest manufacturers of roll grooving machinery, with a strong line of other pipe preparation equipment as well. For instance, we also make machines that cut groove pipe with fast, accurate setups for each pipe size. The Model 8100 Buck-On Machine helps to improve productivity by bucking-on a wide variety of fittings quickly and accurately.

Encouraged by the acceptance of our products in the industry, we look for new ways to make our products more useful to our customer base. Reach out to us with your questions about our product lines.